Reporting, reimagined.

Intuitive, visual financials delivered right at month-end, not weeks late.

  • The traditional monthly reporting process is broken. Your financials arrive 2-3 weeks late, and unless you have a business degree, the black & white PDFs and Excel models are hard to understand.

    At Digits, we believe there's a better way.

  • Draft reports delivered right at month-end

  • Crisp insights draw your attention to what matters

  • Visualize your business with intuitive charts and graphs

  • Hover-to-discover underlying details and change-drivers

  • One-click, secure sharing with your investors and advisors

On-time & on-demand

With Digits, you get draft reports right at month-end, so you'll have an early look at how your business is doing, immediately. Finalized, investor-ready reports follow in days instead of weeks.

Custom reports are at your fingertips, complete with AI-powered executive summaries and beautiful visuals. Pick KPIs, charts, and graphs in seconds, then share with your team, advisors, or investors—it's drag, drop, done.

Create report menu with options to generate executive summary, profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow.
Picture of a hover detail showing software and web services expenses with an insight as to what caused increased expenses in January.

Live & interactive

Your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement have finally entered the 21st century!

Digits Reports are endlessly explorable, so you can dive into the details and understand the underlying change-drivers in seconds.

Hover to discover historical trends, advanced insights, and transaction-level details all without leaving the report.

Collaborate & share

Built-in commenting lets you tag your team and respond to their questions right in the report, cutting through the confusion and reducing email back-and-forth.

When it's time to share, that's built-in too. Keep your finances secure, and your investors in the loop, with just a click.

Image of a chat conversation between two co-workers.

Under the hood

Advanced technical architecture

Digits Reports generate in seconds and render in perpetuity from encrypted, self-contained, platform-independent data structures—a technical architecture so advanced, and so novel, that we were awarded a patent for it.

Transaction-level detail

Standard financial reports, whether formatted as PDFs, Excel workbooks, or CSVs, are static aggregations of underlying data, which makes diving into the details—or checking the math—almost impossible. Digits Reports seamlessly combine high-level roll-ups with transaction-level detail, so you can deep-dive with just a click.

Print & export

Old habits die hard. So Digits Reports are exportable to Excel, for all your advanced modeling needs, and automatically reformat to black & white when you hit Print.

Bank-grade security

Stop emailing around copies of your financials! Digits Reports are encrypted and shared securely to protect your company's most sensitive data. Learn more…

What people say about us

  • "Digits is a phenomenal and truly game-changing product."

    Kenny Mendes

    COO, Coda

  • "I can't stress how amazing Digits is."

    Nico Nezhat

    Co-Founder & CEO, Olla

  • "Digits is one of the few accounting platforms I get excited to use."

    Sinclair Toffa

    Founder & CEO, Mural

  • "Digits gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not spending money on things I shouldn't be."

    Jonathan Raymond

    Founder & CEO, Refound