Let's fix accounting.

99% of all US companies are startups or small businesses.

They form the foundation of our economy, they’re responsible for over half of net-new jobs, and they deliver almost half of the country's GDP.

And yet, for these ~30 Million founders, accounting is broken.

So, we're fixing it.

How is accounting broken?


Late reports.

The industry standard is a 15-21 day close, which means you won't get this month's numbers until next month is already half over. That's useless.

With Digits, you'll get your reports by the 5th of the month—2-3X faster than any competing firm.


TLDR; please?

Financials delivered as Excel models or black & white PDFs take far too long to understand, with the key takeaways lost in a sea of numbers.

Digits Reports are live, visual, and intuitive—designed to help you understand your business in seconds.


Accrual basis, done right.

We agree: accrual accounting can be confusing, but it's what your investors expect.

Digits delivers investor-ready, GAAP-compliant, accrual basis books paired with easy-to-understand cash-based metrics. The best of both worlds.


That's… not my business.

To save time, many accountants conflate operational accounting and tax accounting, resulting in reports that don't match how the founder views their business.

Digits support fully custom charts of accounts and lets you slice and dice your data across any dimension, down to vendor-level analysis and automatic recurring spend detection, so you always know what's going on.


Stop bugging me!

Most accountants send out spreadsheets each month with endless questions…

Where's the receipt for this?
What did you buy on Amazon?
Wait, what are these t-shirts for?
Was this really a business expense?

…leaving many founders wondering if they should just do the bookkeeping themselves!

Digits AI rapidly learns your business, saving you countless hours every month.


Bugs, bugs, are all I see.

Manual accounting results in countless bugs, which always seem to reveal themselves at the worst moment (e.g. board meetings):

Did you know you spent 237% more on Office Supplies last month?
Wait, why?
Uhhh… that's not Office Supplies.

Digits features advanced financial analysis and anomaly detection built in, so you can fully trust your books. Finally.

Don't hate the players,
hate the financial system.

We ❤️ Accountants

At Digits, we've spent years working with thousands of accountants to understand the challenges they face first-hand.

With few exceptions, they are unbelievably kind, passionate, hard-working folks who care deeply about helping business owners and getting the details right.

Their job is more manual, and more tedious, than you would ever imagine.

Left behind by the system

To understand the problem, just glance at your credit card statement.

It's great at showing the date of each transaction and how much you owe, but everything else accountants care about—what you purchased and why—is lost to the sands of time.

Even critical info, like the vendor's name and location, is shortened into a hard-to-read description, causing unnecessary confusion.

Reconciliation deserves a reckoning

Endless hours each month are spent reconciling bank accounts—ensuring that what you see in the bank matches what you see in your books.

Back in the day, when bank errors were more common, this was worth the effort, but in the age of digital banking and mobile apps, you generally take your checking account balance as given!

Today, bank statements should be accessible as structured data via APIs to auto-reconcile your books, but due to the lack of Open Banking laws in the US, they aren't.

Rendered powerless by ancient software

The most popular SMB accounting software in the US is over 30 years old. The runner up? 20 years. Both rely heavily on manual data entry and archaic tabular interfaces, with limited autocomplete and no underlying intelligence.

Modern software design patterns and advanced AI have opened the door to radically reimagining the core accounting and bookkeeping workflows to save time, reduce mistakes, and improve understanding.

Bringing this to life has become our obsession.

Let's fix accounting, together.

We work directly with US-based, VC-backed tech startups to fully automate their accounting.
We partner with top accounting firms to automate the tedium, scale their practice, and delight their clients.
Board of Directors
  • Jeff Seibert Co-founder & CEO
  • Jessica Verrilli Partner, Adverb
  • Peter Fenton Partner, Benchmark