Your business, at a glance.

Live dashboards put your KPIs and core finance metrics at your fingertips.

  • Startup life runs 24/7, yet traditional accounting leaves you flying blind for weeks until the next monthly close.

    Digits brings your business to life with real-time, fully-custom finance dashboards. Track critical KPIs like revenue, burn & runway at a glance and monitor your cash flow and money movement with ease.

  • Drag & drop customization

  • Revenue, cash flow, runway & burn at a glance

  • Cash- & accrual-based financial metrics

  • Category- & vendor-level spend analysis

  • Monitor top customers & largest expenses

  • Deep-dive to transaction-level detail

Finance at your fingertips

Real-time finance has been the dream for decades. Finally, it's your reality. Thanks to Digits powerful integrations and 24/7 automated bookkeeping, your finances are kept updated continuously—bringing you the insights you need, when you need them.

Digits automatically tracks all the key metrics for you: revenue, gross burn, net burn, cash flow, runway, and countless others, giving you the confidence you need to build and grow your business.

Tile with a graph showing 24 months of remaining runway
Detail of a chart depicting gross burn rate being dragged into a report

Drag, drop, done

Every business is different, which has often meant falling back to Excel for any useful analysis. No longer.

Digits supports thousands of metrics, from the full depth of your Chart of Accounts, to customer- and vendor-level analysis, to top charts and insights.

Build fully-custom dashboards in seconds with drag-and-drop components and powerful display options, tailoring Digits perfectly to your business needs.

Dive in deeper

Need to know more? Digits seamlessly ties high-level metrics to transaction-level detail with just a click, making your finances endlessly explorable and easy to understand.

Dive into the data with the granularity you need to answer difficult questions and discover underlying change-drivers, giving you the confidence you need to make critical business decisions.

Showing details of payments made to Amazon Web Services including a graph of expenses over the last 12 months

Under the hood

24/7 live integrations

Digits never sleeps, so you can. Our Connect API platform integrates seamlessly with 10,000+ financial institutions, bringing you continuous, real-time access to your key financial metrics. Learn more…

Flexible, component-based design

Build the perfect dashboard in seconds with beautiful charts and graphs that automatically adjust to 4 different sizes, from heads-up tiles to immersive full-width graphs.

Unparalleled speed

Dashboard components render in milleseconds thanks to Digits' proprietary architecture based on highly-optimized, single-tenant, memory-mapped flat-files.

Bank-grade security

Digits dashboards are built upon multiple layers of advanced security and leverage encryption at every level to protect your company's most sensitive data. Learn more…

What people say about us

  • Digits gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not spending money on things I shouldn't be.

    Jonathan Raymond

    Founder & CEO, Refound

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  • Digits is phenomenal and truly a game-changing product. The team's passion for the space is clear in all the small details.

    Kenny Mendes

    COO, Coda

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  • Digits immediately saves me time . I can't stress how amazing Digits is.

    Nico Nezhat

    Co-Founder / CEO, Olla

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