Bookkeeping, automated.

24/7 AI-powered bookkeeping, backed by expert US-based CPAs.

  • At Digits, we've invested years developing the world's first machine learning models trained on full double-entry accounting, to make quick work of tedious tasks such as transaction classification and reconciliation.

    Bookkeeping automation has been a dream for decades. Now, it's a reality. Modern businesses run 24/7. Finally, your bookkeeping does too.

  • Integrations with 10,000+ banks & credit cards

  • Advanced AI understands double-entry accounting

  • Automatically books incoming transactions to your ledger

  • Trained & backed by expert, US-based CPAs

  • Combines 24/7 automation with careful human review

Live external data sources

Digits Connect is our open API platform for accounting data.

Connect your external data sources to Digits (e.g., banks, payment processors or expense management tools) for a live view of your detailed transactions!

Automated Classifications

AI Bookkeeping monitors each transaction, intelligently classifying them based on our pattern similarity ML models.

Auto-booked transactions can be viewed in an interactive dashboard and are then reviewed by our team of internal CPAs to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Transaction Review

AI Bookkeeping ensures all communication with our internal CPAs is seamless.

Integrated in the product, critical transaction questions are streamlined, allowing you to close your books faster.

Under the hood

Trained on double-entry accounting

Digits' state-of-the-art machine learning models are trained on double-entry accounting so that it can take care of tedious tasks such as transaction classification.

Numbers you can trust

With proprietary financial modeling and custom-designed query language, Digits AI Advisor can understand intent and request computations without knowing the data’s underlying schema or encryption keys, while delivering 100% accurate responses to every request.

Bank-grade security

Three-tier approach:
  • Customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-256.
  • We then leverage custom-trained, proprietary deep-learning models to understand the unique attributes of small-business finance and double-entry accounting.
  • The AI Assistant interacts with public LLM APIs using only anonymized and obfuscated customer identifiers.

Deep financial expertise

Pre-trained on general accounting knowledge and on over half a trillion in small-business transaction volume, Digits AI Advisor has an unprecedented understanding of business finance and financial modeling.

What people say about us

  • "Digits is a phenomenal and truly game-changing product."

    Kenny Mendes

    COO, Coda

  • "I can't stress how amazing Digits is."

    Nico Nezhat

    Co-Founder & CEO, Olla

  • "Digits is one of the few accounting platforms I get excited to use."

    Sinclair Toffa

    Founder & CEO, Mural

  • "Digits gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not spending money on things I shouldn't be."

    Jonathan Raymond

    Founder & CEO, Refound