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Matt Hurd
Digits AI Bill Pay integrates seamlessly into our financial stack, saving us hours per month.

Matt Hurd - Founder, MH Anesthesia

Matt Hurd

Welcome to AI Bill Pay

Drag. Drop. Approve. Pay.

It's that easy—Digits AI handles the rest, saving you hours every month.

Automated Bill Review

Eliminate manual data entry with automated bill detail extraction, including line items!

Smart Notifications

Never miss an update. Smart notifications make it easy to keep up with your AP workflow.

Pay with ACH or Check

Digits AI auto-detects vendor remittance details and you can choose how to pay with just a click!

Designed for Speed

Modern, Kanban-style interface puts all your bills and your entire AP workflow at a glance.

Breakthrough technology → workflow simplicity

Advanced AI Automation

Experience the power of custom-trained, self-hosted, layout-aware language models, which deeply understand invoice document structure and automatically extract bill details (including line items!) in seconds—dramatically outperforming 3rd-party LLMs.

The result? AI Bill Pay saves you countless hours each month and eliminates manual data entry mistakes.

Streamlined Review & Approval

When it comes to paying bills, UI is just as important as AI. Our custom-built, multi-page, auto-zooming document viewer makes reviewing & approving bills a breeze.

You just Approve, Pay, and go on your way.

Pay Direct or Pay with Digits

We make it easy—automatic remittance detection identifies and recommends each vendor's preferred payment method, whether it's ACH or Check by Mail. If it's not specified, save time by having Digits reach out and coordinate with your vendor on your behalf.

AI Bill Pay is built on top of a fully-auditable, atomic, append-only ledger, gauranteeing the accuracy and reliability of all funds flows.

Directly Integrated & Secure

AI Bill Pay is built right in to Digits' AI Accounting platform—no more 3rd party tools, unreliable connections, or manual journal entries.

Digits trains and hosts ML models in-house, so your bills never leave the secure confines of Digits' US-based infrastructure, are encrypted at rest, and are never shared with any 3rd-party AI companies or models, including OpenAI/GPT.

No Monthly Fees

Start using AI Bill Pay today, with no monthly fees!

AP Operations

Want bill pay off your plate entirely? Upgrade to full-service AP Operations and let Digits handle your entire accounts payable workflow, ranging from bill reviews, to approvals, all the way to payment.

Our team of expert, US-based CPAs will ensure your business is in good hands.

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