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Digits sits on top of your existing accounting package, connects with your existing financial institutions, and it amplifies and reinforces your existing accountant's work.
You change nothing.

Harness the real-time power of Digits. Integrate in
  • 2 months.
  • 1 month.
  • 3 weeks.
  • 1 week.
  • 6 days.
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  • 20 hours.
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  • 7 hours.
  • just a few clicks.

No business can afford to spend weeks or months implementing new solutions, or burdening their finance teams with new workflows to ramp up on.

Digits gives you a complete, real-time understanding of your expenses, and lets you keep a tight grip on costs—all in just a few clicks.

The usual process: 0+ days

Hire engineers and data analysts

Identify data sources

Develop data warehouses

Clean and standardize data with accountants

Decide on data integration/ETL tools

Set up analytical processing cubes

Design and implement reporting dashboards

Integrate systems end-to-end

Receive analyses after months


Using Digits: Just a few clicks


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Digits for Expenses

Where is my company spending money?

What are all the services we subscribe to?

How quickly are my expenses growing?

Will my company survive?

What does my cash flow look like?

Can I trim my costs? Where?

Answers to mission-critical questions.
Right now.

Modern businesses change in real-time, so why wait weeks for your financial reports?
Using state-of-the-art technology, Digits gives you the live visibility you deserve.

Digits automatically analyzes your spend and visualizes it for you, as it happens. Hone in on recent activity, trends, anomalies, or any question you have - in just a few clicks.

The most intuitive financial software you’ve ever used.

No accounting jargon. No tables of black & white text.
No squinting at detail reports. It's just magical.

Spend by Category

Put down the calculator. Digits automatically analyzes spend over time to show you which categories you should pay attention to, and which are the major drivers for your business.

Did you know?

To give you real-time visibility, Digits uses machine learning to predictively categorize transactions as they happen.

Subscriptions & Recurring Charges

Lost track of who you're paying for what? Digits identifies all active subscriptions and recurring charges, so you can see your baseline spend every month. You can even see upcoming expected transactions, and get reminders before it's too late to cancel.

All Your Vendors. Identified.

Categories are only so useful when it comes to managing expenses. What you really want is a vendor-by-vendor breakdown and analysis.

Digits automatically identifies vendors for all relevant transactions (no tedious, manual tagging required) and alerts you to changes in spend.

Powerful Search. Instant Results.

Can't recall a transaction? How do you find it? Instead of searching your email inbox, logging into several credit card accounts, or asking your accountant to dig through QuickBooks, there's finally a better way.

Digits lets you search all of your business’s financials—across every one of your corporate accounts—including transactions, categories, and even vendors, so you can find exactly what you're looking for, all in one place.

Large Expense Detected: $32,249.50 in Legal on April 6.

Upcoming expense for Zoom: $19.99 due in 2 days.

Payment missed for Github: $180.00 due yesterday.

Real-time alerts for your business. Finally.

Digits runs continuous anomaly detection, customized to your business, and
monitors transactions as they happen in real-time.

Using its sophisticated financial modeling engine, Digits detects suspicious activity, unexpectedly large transactions, and missed payments on expected expenses to help you catch and prevent issues as they happen.

Secure, streamlined communication. Built-in.

Hesitant to discuss sensitive financial data over email, but also fed up with "secure portals"?
We get it.

Digits makes it incredibly easy to comment directly on a transaction, loop in your colleague to upload a missing receipt, or ask for clarification on a charge. Securely.

Encryption everywhere.

Digits’ web application uses HTTPS along with TLS and certificates to ensure that your data is encrypted when transmitted between our services.

Quickbooks Chase Xero Citi Bank of America

Digits’ infrastructure

Digits’ web app

Digits automatically encrypts your data at rest to prevent unauthorized access. No action is required on your end.

Powered by Digits

Leveraging the latest machine learning technology, Digits proactively monitors your transactions and processes millions of data points on your behalf. Continuously.

The most powerful financial engine for modern businesses.

Normal process:

Using Digits:




View real-time dashboard


There's no step 3!

Billions analyzed.

Digits has been trained on billions of dollars of financial transactions, so it knows how to handle your business.

Digits’ algorithms analyze and learn from your business's full financial history in order to proactively handle new transactions as they arrive. The longer you use Digits, the smarter it becomes.

Seamless, secure integrations to Digits.

No more security risks from sharing credit card statements, bank logins, or dumping data to CSV files on random laptops. Simply connect your accounts to Digits, and we’ll do the rest.

corporate accounts

Accounting software

Over 9000 banks and financial institutions supported:

Finance Workflow Friendly

Digits integrates via read-only access, and will never edit/impact your ledger in any way.

Automatic Reconciliation

Digits intelligently matches your expenses across different sources to ensure reporting consistency.

Secured by Digits.

Digits is built with multiple layers of advanced security to protect your financial data.

Encryption everywhere, both at rest and in transit.

Revocable tokens for secure bank access.

Read-only access to your bookkeeping software.

Security-optimized container operating system.

Digits for Expenses is now available.