Introducing Bill Pay – Made Brilliant!

Starting a business is exhilarating. It's about innovation, creativity, and pushing boundaries. It's about building a product your customers love or offering a service to your community.

But it’s also full of tasks you hate—like pouring through financial reports, sorting piles of receipts, and paying bills…

Today, we're launching AI Bill Pay, the world's most advanced (and most automated) bill-pay solution for small businesses—and it's built right into Digits.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s brilliant.

Finally: Bill Pay Built For Startups

🖱️ Drag. Drop. Approve. Pay
Just drag & drop invoices onto the dashboard or forward them via email. Digits AI handles the rest.

🔍 AI-powered Bill Review & Data Entry
Eliminate manual data entry with automated extraction of bill details and line-items.

💸 One-Click Pay
ACH or Check, it's easy! Choose how to pay your vendors with just a click.

🧠 Smart Notifications
Never miss an update. Smart notifications make it easy to stay on top of your AP workflow.

🔐 Bank-grade Security
Digits is SOC2 certified, with encryption at every layer to protect your financial data.

♾️ No Monthly Fees!
AI Bill Pay is built right in, with no additional monthly fees! Save time, save money, and save hassle by consolidating your finance stack.

Your Workflow, Simplified

We grew frustrated with the industry-leading, clunky bill pay options. With AI Bill Pay, all you do is drag & drop your bills onto the dashboard or forward them via email! Digits AI handles the rest—processing the bills and extracting all the relevant vendor and payment information, even line-item details!

With approval workflows built-in, you just click Approve and Pay, and get back to growing your business.

AI-powered Bill Review

Let's be honest: manually entering bill payment information is a waste of time and prone to errors. It’s time to leave that world behind.

AI Bill Pay is the result of over a year of custom model training and development. Our Machine Learning team has pioneered state-of-the-art layout-aware language models, which fully understand invoice document structure and dramatically outperform well-known 3rd-party LLMs. These models are proprietary to Digits, self-hosted, and operate and train on encrypted data, guaranteeing the safety of your most sensitive financials.

Your bills never leave the secure confines of Digits' US-based infrastructure, are encrypted at rest, and are never shared with any 3rd-party AI companies or models, including OpenAI/GPT.

The result is speed and quality you can trust: Digits AI reliably and accurately extracts all the required details for every bill in seconds, saving you hours each month.

Designed for Speed

Almost every AP product looks the same. Not Digits! We designed AI Bill Pay with a key focus on speed, leveraging an intuitive, Kanban-style interface (aka a simple status board) so you can instantly track every bill in one place and a custom-built, multi-page, auto-zooming document viewer to seamlessly review even the most complicated bills.

Digits lets you to track your bills with just a few clicks, and smart enhancements such as tags on bills that are overdue, totals on outstanding bills, and payment history at a glance make it incredibly easy to manage your cash flow.

Integrated & Automated

The key to efficient accounting workflows is seamless integration. With Digits, AI Bill Pay isn't an add-on you need to configure or a separate tool you need to sign up for.

Now, everything you need to handle your accounting & AP operations is built right in and directly accessible in one place—Digits!

At Digits, we're on a mission to reimagine accounting, and all of its related workflows. We save you hours and bring you peace of mind, so you can get back to what matters most—building and growing your business.

Our team has poured their hearts and souls into this product, and after 18 months of design & engineering, we're launching AI Bill Pay today with no monthly fees.

Accounts Payable is a chore no one likes, but it's critical to running your business. It’s time to upgrade your workflow, eliminate the tedium, and automate your back-office with AI Bill Pay—built right in to Digits.

Try AI Bill Pay!

I can't wait to hear what you think,

Jeff Seibert

Co-Founder & CEO