Digits Keynotes Scaling New Heights ‘24

Last week, Scaling New Heights returned to Orlando with the brightest and most passionate accounting and bookkeeping professionals for one of the world’s largest industry conferences—and Digits gave the keynote address.

Boldly Go: The Future of Accounting was geared towards pushing boundaries, inspiring innovation, and navigating the ever-evolving accounting landscape. It was no surprise, then, that the topic du jour was AI, and it's apparent collision course with the accounting industry on a massive scale.

The AI Bookkeeping Opportunity

On Day 1, Digits’ CEO Jeff Seibert took center stage to present the keynote address to over 1,800 attendees, sharing the latest breakthroughs in AI and how they are being applied to accounting workflows. Jeff walked the conference-goers through the current state-of-the-art in machine learning models, shared eye-opening demos, and explained the challenges and opportunities brought by the new technology.

Fundamentally, the industry has been held back by software limitations over the past 20+ years, and there is a trememdous opportunity for the AI wave to spawn a techinical renaissance in accounting platforms. Jeff highlighted Digits’ announcements of AI Bill Pay, AI Bank Feed, and AI Reconciliations, which together make up our AI Bookkeeping for accounting firms.

AI Bill Pay

Automatically extracts and reviews an uploaded invoice regardless of format (including line items!)—all you need to do is drag, drop, approve, and pay. It's your AP workflow, transformed.

AI Bank Feed

Trained on over $700 Billion worth of transactions, Digits AI books inbound bank feed transactions with up to 91% accuracy, in full double-entry accounting, with no rulesets to maintain.

AI Reconciliations

Simply upload your bank statements and let Digits AI do the rest—automatically extracting, identifying, and reconciling your bank and credit cards in seconds, cutting hours off the monthly close process.

Digits Welcomes Basis

At Scaling New Heights, Jeff also announced our acquisition of Basis. On our mission to reimagine accounting, we’re obsessed with saving customers time and bringing them financial peace of mind, so they can focus on what matters most—building and growing their business.

Unfortunately, the burden they face when planning for the future is often hours spent in spreadsheets trying to budget and forecast different scenarios. With the acquisition of Basis, we’re eliminating the tedious parts of FP&A and bringing the full power of budgeting and forecasting into Digits.

We could not be more excited to welcome the Basis team to Digits to build this future together!

AI Accounting: A Deep Dive

Following Jeff’s keynote, Digits’ Head of Partnerships, Rob Hamilton, hosted a Power Breakfast session for over 300 conference attendees diving deeper into the intersection of AI and accounting.

The early-bird got the worm, as participants were treated to a thorough exploration of the technology demos Jeff showcased the day before. Rob highlighted the jobs to be done, the real-world applications of AI technology, and how the different accounting and bookkeeping workflows will benefit from new innovation. He detailed how industry professionals can and will leverage AI to eliminate the tedious parts of their work while simultaneously activating themselves as strategic partners to their clients.

On the Show Floor

The Digits team was out in force at our booth—reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, sharing demos, answering questions, and helping attendees get signed up for early access to Digits AI Bookkeeping. Thank you to everyone who stopped by