Digits vs Bench

Digits vs Bench
  • Digits closes your books faster than Bench
  • Digits is built for startups and uses accrual basis accounting
  • Digits has the world’s most advanced accounting AI
Digits vs Bench

Why choose Digits over Bench?

Fast close

Digits closes your books by the 5th of each month. Stop accepting the industry standard of 15 to 21 days to get your monthly financials.
Digits Bench
Books closed and delivered within 5 days of month’s end yes no
Proprietary AI and ML technology, built in-house yes no
Automated classifications yes no
Approved by in-house, US-based CPAs yes no
In-product transaction review yes no

Accounting at the speed of startups

Serious startups don't use cash basis accounting. Digits is the first modern AI accounting platform built to automate accounting for tech startups.
Digits Bench
Accrual accounting yes Cash basis accounting
Live external data sources 10,000+ 15
White glove onboarding yes no
Ability to handle sales tax yes yes
Tax prep and handoff yes yes
Ledger clean up yes yes
Accounts Payable yes no
Accounts Receivable yes no

Customizable Dashboards

Digits lets you create custom dashboards to monitor your core metrics like revenue, burn, and runway live in real-time.
Digits Bench
Fully customizable yes no
Real-time data yes no
Key metric widgets like revenue, burn, cash flow, runway, and net income yes no
Hover to discover to see additional details yes no

Advanced Reports

Digits delivers live, interactive, visual reports that help you understand your business in seconds — share them with your investors with just a click.
Digits Bench
Monthly financials delivered on the 5th of the month yes no
Generate reports on demand yes no
Add comments or questions yes no
Share and collaborate with colleagues or investors yes no
Auto generated and customizable executive summaries yes no
Graphs and charts to let you visualize trends yes no
Hover to discover to see additional details yes no

Why choose Digits?

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