Digits at Scaling New Heights

Each June, the brightest accounting and bookkeeping minds gather at Scaling New Heights (SNH) to share best practices and chart the future for the profession.

This year, Digits took center stage.

Our CEO, Jeff Seibert, gave the keynote presentation on AI and Accounting, exploring what our shared future looks likes and revealing how technology is poised to impact the industry in dramatic fashion over the next few years.

The energy and enthusiasm around SNH is always palpable, but this year there was heightened buzz given the rise of Large Language Models like ChatGPT and the new possibilities for automation that these unlock. On the flip side, 3rd-party LLMs also introduce privacy and security questions that become particularly poignant in the context of sensitive business finance data, so there were endless topics for discussion.

Launching Digits AI

In this environment, we were honored to have the opportunity to launch Digits AI, live in-person, and dive into the details of Digits' advanced security architecture. Over the course of the 3-day event, almost 1,000 accountants and bookkeepers stopped by our booth for hands-on demos and Q&A with our product designers and engineers.

Fireside Chat

Following the keynote, Jeff sat down with Joe Woodard, the host of SNH, for a candid discussion around the broader implications of AI, privacy and security concerns, and avenues for adoption within the accounting industry:

Digits AI Summer Update

What a Summer! It's been just a month since we launched Digits AI, and we're excited to announce that we've welcomed hundreds of new accounting firms — and almost 1,000 new small businesses — onto Digits!

Our groundbreaking private, secure, and accurate business finance AI has caught the attention of accounting influencers like Jason Staats, mainstream news outlets like Fox Business News, and major conferences like Scaling New Heights, where our CEO, Jeff Seibert, delivered the keynote on AI Accounting to a sold-out audience.

But we've also been hard at work behind the scenes! Today, we're excited to share a couple fresh updates to Digits AI and Digits Reports:

What's New in Digits AI

📣 Let's follow up on that…

With the goal of saving you even more valuable time and getting right to the insights you need, Digits AI is now even smarter and more conversational. Want to keep digging into a topic that's top of mind? Digits AI now responds correctly to follow-ups, so just keep asking questions!

Conversing with Digits AI
Dragging from Digits AI

✋ Let's save that for later…

Want to reference an answer from Digits AI time and time again? You can now drag a chart directly from Digits AI into your (or your client's!) dashboard. It's literally that easy.

💡 Reports, Illuminated

We've also been hard at work on reports and we're gearing up for some major reports-related announcements soon! But to set the stage, let's start with a fresh coat of paint.

Today, we're excited to share that Digits Reports have a fresh new look, delivering enhanced clarity in a fluid, modern design that still supports all of the custom branding and cover images we know you love.

With this update, our product design team focused on simplicity, legibility, and ease of use, ensuring a seamless user experience that focuses on delivering the data you and your clients need to run the business.

Digits Reports in Light Mode

From all of us at Digits, we hope you're having a great summer, and stay tuned for even more exciting news in the weeks to come 😀

Jeff Seibert

Co-Founder & CEO

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Introducing Digits AI: The Future of Small Business Finance

Nobody starts a business because they want to run a business.

As a founder, I know this personally. You start a company to solve a problem you’re passionate about, to offer a service that helps your community, or to build a product you believe simply must exist. And then the reality sets in: running the business is often the single worst part.

Through my experience building and selling companies, I've become intimately familiar with the tedium and frustration that goes along with business finance, the arcane knowledge you feel embarrassed not to know, and the impatience you feel each month waiting for the books to close.

I felt there had to be a better way.

Today, there finally is! Alongside our incredible team, I’m excited to announce the launch of Digits AI, the world’s first private, accurate, and secure finance AI for small businesses. All you have to do is ask…

Finally: AI-Powered Business Finance

In today's fast-paced world, you need to make business decisions in real-time, in the moment. You can't afford to wait days or weeks for financial reports, and you have better things to do than open QuickBooks, export data, and fiddle around in Excel.

With Digits AI, your finances are never a puzzle.

Starting today, instant answers to critical questions are at your fingertips. Just ask:

  • “What is my burn rate?”
  • “Who are my top five customers this month?”
  • “How much did we spend on marketing so far this year?”

While Digits AI might not tell you who will win the 2026 FIFA World Cup, all your finance questions get answered in seconds, with clear explanations and intuitive charts that you can drop into a presentation or investor update.

Quote from Digits customers talking about the impact of Digits AI

Trained on over $300 Billion in small-business transaction volume, Digits AI represents a technological breakthrough in the application of state-of-the-art machine learning models to business finance.

You've seen all the hype around ChatGPT. Finally, you can experience the full power of large language models applied privately and securely to your business—saving you hours!

Introducing Digits Transaction Review

We're on a mission to fix small-business finance.

For too long, accountants and business operators have struggled with manual and repetitive financial tasks that waste valuable time. It’s finally time to replace tedium and confusion with fast and accurate automation—and regain hours of lost productivity.

Today, we're tackling one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of the accountant-client relationship: classifying and reconciling uncategorized transactions.

Every month, the process repeats itself:

  • "What is Figma?"
  • "Is this a business expense or personal?"
  • "What was this Home Depot purchase for?"
  • "What customer is this Stripe transaction for?"

Clients are too busy to answer. Accountants get blocked.

Enough is enough.

Turn Annoy into Joy

We’re excited to introduce Digits Transaction Review, our end-to-end solution for automatically identifying and booking uncategorized transactions and seamlessly collecting client input. Built on top of Digits underlying architecture, Transaction Review leverages the latest machine learning models to intelligently do the work for you, becoming smarter and more accurate with each use. Closing the books each month has never been faster or more delightful for your clients, turning them from annoyed to joyed.

Digits Reports Upgrade

Introducing Quarterly Reports

Welcome to Q2 🙂 Now, with the click of a button, you can generate beautiful, immersive quarterly reports packed with all the intelligent executive summaries and actionable insights you get from standard, monthly Digits Reports. Quarterly Reports pack all the same power: infinitely explore your data through elegantly presented numbers and popular features like Hover to Discover.

edit/preview toggle
edit/preview toggle

Preview Mode —
proof before you send

Measure twice, cut once—it’s no surprise that accountants and financial professionals care tremendously about the details. So, when it came to creating reports for their clients, they were naturally interested in how their work would be presented. Inquisitive and detail-oriented users can now preview and share both emails and reports with themselves to see and review exactly what the others will receive when they are shared a report.

Full April Change Log

Digits Reports + Digits Reports Builder

  • Feature: Quarterly Reports Support

    • Users can now generate quarterly Digits Reports
  • Feature: View-as-a-Client Support

    • Users can now preview a report before sharing it
    • Users can now preview an email before sending it
    • Designed a top banner to identify preview mode
    • Developed a tool-tip for better “Preview” text explanation
  • User Experience Enhancements

    • Improvements related to date adjustments
    • Easier time period selection
    • Greater context awareness with expanded viewing around shared reports

Digits Search

  • Added underlying support for searching across different view types
  • Enhanced extraction of information from unstructured text
  • Index transactions’ external display IDs

Client Portal

  • Updated ordering and treatment of client lists

Living Model

  • Optimized vendor information extraction via transaction descriptions
  • Implemented a Digits specific banking-related NER model
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