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What's our monthly spend on AWS ?
What was our total income from Shopify in Q2?
How much has Acme been paying us each month?
What's the average contract size for the Sales team?
What was our total spend for Salesforce in the last 12 months?
How much did we spend on marketing last month?
How much revenue came through PayPal last month?
What were our total Payroll expenses last quarter?
What was last month's total payment received from Stripe ?
What caused our spend with Google Cloud to increase last month?
Is our Uber spend ramping back to pre-pandemic levels?
Did we bill Acme for our design work last month?
How many Adobe subscriptions do we have?
Did we receive payment from the MLB partnership last quarter?
What was this transaction for $47.24 ?

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Twitter Ads accounted for 64% of marketing spend.
Compared to June, you spent 31% ( $1,384 ) more on Travel in July.
Revenue ramped up during Q1, but stayed steady at $162,937 in July.

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