Digits vs Finta

Digits vs Finta
  • Digits closes your books faster than Finta
  • Full-service accounting saves founders 100s of hours
  • Digits actually automates your accounting, with an in-house ML team building proprietary, state-of-the-art AI Bookkeeping models.
Digits vs Finta

Why choose Digits over Finta?

Fast close

Digits advanced AI Bookkeeping is more accurate and hands-off, automating and supercharging your startup’s bookkeeping experience. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and say hello to lightning-fast speed, pinpoint accuracy, and invaluable insights.
Digits Finta
Books finalized and delivered within 5 days of month’s end yes no
Automated Classifications yes yes
Everything verified by our team of in-house, US-based CPAs yes no

AI-Powered Automation

Automated Accounting powered by the world’s first AI accounting platform.
Digits Finta
In-house ML and AI team yes no
Proprietary layout-aware language models and financial datasets yes no
Similarity models yes no
Generative AI chatbot yes no
Anonymized and obfuscated customer identifiers yes no
Data is secured and encrypted at rest yes no
Custom-trained, deep-learning financial modeling engine yes no

Accounting at the speed of startup life

Welcome to a new era of effortless bookkeeping, tailored for startups. With Digits, enjoy seamless automation, streamlined financial management, and the freedom to focus on what truly matters—growing your business.
Digits Finta
Modern accounting ledger yes yes
Accrual accounting yes yes
Live external data sources Unlimited Unlimited
White glove onboarding yes yes
Ability to handle sales tax yes yes
Tax prep and handoff yes yes
Ledger clean up yes yes
Inventory bookkeeping yes no
Accounts Payable yes no
Accounts Receivable yes no

Live, Custom Dashboards

Digits makes it easy to track crucial metrics such as revenue, burn rate, and runway all in real-time, giving you vital information that empowers smarter decision-making as you grow your business.
Digits Finta
Fully customizable & shareable yes no
Real-time data yes yes
Built-in metrics like revenue, burn, cash flow, runway, and more yes yes
Hover to discover additional details yes no
Secure document storage yes no

Advanced reporting, built-in

Say goodbye to old, black and white financial reports and confusing Excel models. Step into a vibrant world of clarity and insight with Digits Reports, where understanding your business happens in the blink of an eye.
Digits Finta
On-demand reports, generated when you want them yes no
Fully customizable, and interactive reports yes no
Add comments or questions yes no
Share and collaborate with colleagues or investors yes no
Auto-written, robust executive summaries yes no
Graphs and charts to let you visualize trends yes yes
Hover to discover to see additional details yes no

Why choose Digits?

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