Instant insights into your business

Your most important metrics are at your fingertips, with dashboards and reports that keep a pulse on your business' financial health.

  • Bring your business to life with an interactive, customizable dashboard that reflects your real-time revenue, burn, cash flow, and runway. Dig into any date range and explore with AI-powered insights into your bottom line.

  • Your business, all in one place

  • Instant insights from complex data

  • No spreadsheets required

See how it works

Drag, drop, done.

Your intuitive dashboard is fully customizable. Create, edit, and move charts, so your most important metrics are front and center every time you log into Digits.

Digits is on top of the details.

While you run your business, we watch the books. Digits calls out trends, unusual line items, what's driving your revenue, and expenses to watch. When you have a question, simply ask AI Assistant.

Dive in deeper.

What to know more? Dive into any KPI with the granularity you need to answer difficult questions and make important financial decisions.

What people say about us

  • Digits gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not spending money on things I shouldn't be.

    Jonathan Raymond

    Founder & CEO, Refound

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  • Digits is phenomenal and truly a game-changing product. The team's passion for the space is clear in all the small details.

    Kenny Mendes

    COO, Coda

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  • Digits immediately saves me time . I can't stress how amazing Digits is.

    Nico Nezhat

    Co-Founder / CEO, Olla

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