The world's first AI Accountant

Bookkeeping automation has been a dream for decades. Now, it's reality.

  • Trained on full double-entry accounting, Digits' state-of-the-art Machine Learning models make quick work of tedious tasks such as transaction classification and reconciliation.

    Take bookkeeping and accounting off your to-do list, and leave the numbers to Digits. Our automation takes care of your books, allowing you to spend time on what matters most — your business.

  • Runs on its own

  • Faster, cheaper, more accurate

  • Simplifies operations

See how it works

You can count on Digits

Your books are under control, with automatic expense categorization and transaction-level details, when you want them.

Your reports, ready in an instant

No more waiting weeks to close the books. Immediately generate your P&L, balance sheet, or cash flow statement — and if you have questions, simply ask your AI Assistant.

Eliminate analysis paralysis

Your drag-and-drop dashboard is auto-populated with your most important metrics, putting revenue, burn, cash flow, runway, and more at your fingertips — with personalized insights.

What people say about us

  • Digits gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not spending money on things I shouldn't be.

    Jonathan Raymond

    Founder & CEO, Refound

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  • Digits is phenomenal and truly a game-changing product. The team's passion for the space is clear in all the small details.

    Kenny Mendes

    COO, Coda

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  • Digits immediately saves me time . I can't stress how amazing Digits is.

    Nico Nezhat

    Co-Founder / CEO, Olla

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