The Buzz Around Digits

Digits is a phenomenal and truly
game-changing product.

Kenny Mendes

Digits gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am not spending money on things I shouldn’t be.

Jonathan Raymond

I’m thrilled to partner with Jeff and Wayne on Digits as they reimagine financial software for startups.

Jessica Verrilli

Digits immediately saves me time . I can’t stress how amazing Digits is.

Nico Nezhat

Digits will be disruptive in providing insights that historically were impossible to glean even with the largest of finance teams.

Matt Murphy

An extremely sleek , well designed real-time look. Digits feels like it’s always alive and updating .

Dennis Crilly

At first blush, this thing just looks incredible. Honestly, it’s way more than I even expected, so you could say I’m pretty excited about it.

Derek Osgood

Hah, I’m already finding something I missed, a miscategorization. This is already so useful from that perspective!

Shobhit Chugh

This looks far more robust and strong. Like nothing I’ve ever used!

Jackie Anthony

I love it. It’s definitely easier to search than QuickBooks, which has a lot of tools that we don’t necessarily need. So it’s nice to have something like this where we can get an overview of everything in one place!

Tara Glina

With Digits, it takes just two seconds, a speed increase of about 1.8 million times.

Michael D. Selfridge

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