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What did we spend on Starbucks last year?
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Spend for last year at Starbucks was $9,834.92, an increase of 13.4% from the previous year.

Finance, at the speed of business

Your business happens with a click, a swipe, an iMessage, or a WhatsApp. Isn't it time your finances stopped taking weeks to catch up?

Digits is pioneering real-time, automated finance for today's generation of entrepreneurs. You simply don't have time to categorize transactions, run reports, or fiddle with Excel. Neither do we.

Our AI changes the game. It puts finance at your fingertips.

Complete visibility, no setup required

Digits sits on top of your existing QuickBooks, banks, credit cards, bills, and invoices. It's the only finance AI that understands and analyzes your entire business.

Collaborate live with your co-founder. Speed-boost your accountant. Get instant answers about anything: your revenue, expenses, customers, vendors, and more.

Digits revolutionizes your relationship with your books.

Real-time analysis and insights

Digits never takes a day off. (Let's be honest, our AI also doesn't sleep.) While you're running the business, Digits watches the books, constantly on the lookout for meaningful changes you should be aware of.

Have questions? Ask and you shall recieve. Within seconds, Digits AI generates beautiful charts and graphs for investor updates, analyzes your quarterly spend, tracks common business metrics, and more.

Meet your new financial analyst. It's named Digits.

Live, interactive, shareable reports

It's that time of the month again! Your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements are ready. Time to squint at the black and white PDF or fire-up Excel… Wait, what decade is this?

Let's say we completely reinvented financial reports? We did.

Digits generates live, interactive, beautifully visual reports for you, automatically. Built-in charts, AI-powered executive summaries, and drag-and-drop customization make finalizing your investor updates a breeze. Explore your finances, get immediate insight into the health of your business, and share—securely—with just a click.

Bank-grade security & encryption

Digits is architected from the ground up to protect your data with multiple layers of advanced security.

Your financial data is accessed via secure APIs using revocable tokens, encrypted at rest using AES-256, and never leaves the secure confines of our US-based infrastructure. Digits never stores your banking credentials.

And Digits has pioneered the secure use of AI in finance, interacting with public LLM APIs using only anonymized and obfuscated customer identifiers. At no point is raw financial data ever exposed to third-party models or systems.

Accuracy you can trust

You may have heard that AI has trouble doing math. If you're thinking of ChatGPT, you'd be right.

Digits AI pulls out the calculator so you don't have to. We've pioneered new technology that combines the intelligence of state-of-the-art machine learning models with the accuracy of our proprietary financial modeling engine. Because the math really matters.

The result is the world's first accurate finance AI.

Digits for Accountants

Wow your clients with Digits AI

We love that accountants love Digits…

  • Barbara Fausett

    Owner, Money Masters

    I have to say that this is super exciting! Overall I love it and my clients will as well.”
  • Kathryn Krueger

    Owner, Every Penny Bookkeeping

    Digits reports make it incredibly easy to share information with clients and help make me look good.
  • Andrew Shearer

    Founder and CEO, Farmshelf

    Digits is the best finance and accounting tool I have come across.”
  • Brady Jensen

    Director, KongBasileConsulting

    From a firm-wide perspective, the Digits workflow delivers interesting insights and really adds value to the overall process.”
  • Jackie Anthony

    Owner, AllCents

    Digits is like nothing I’ve ever used! I can’t wait to get all my clients on here.”
  • Rex Stevens

    Operations Officer, Cairn Accounting

    My clients love Digits...the feedback I’ve been receiving has been overwhelmingly positive”

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